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Roles for computing in social change, Rediet Abebe, Solon Barocas, Jon Kleinberg, Karen Levy, Manish Raghavan, David G. Robinson, FaCCT, 20

Without overclaiming computational research’s ability of directly solving social problems, this paper lists out 4 valuable roles that computation can play in the service of social change. …

The Sanction of Authority: Promoting Public Trust in AI, Bran Knowles, John T. Richards, FAccT 21,

Measurement and Fairness, Abigail Z. Jacobs, Hanna Wallach, FAccT 21,

The paper proposes “measurement modeling from the quantitative social sciences as a framework for understanding fairness in computational systems.” More specifically, the authors introduce the unavoidable process of making assumptions in computational systems that might introduce construct-operationalization mismatches and…


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